About Our School


Our School provides English classes for fluent English speaking children between the ages of 3 to 11 being brought up in a bilingual environment. Many of the children have one or two English-speaking parents and English is spoken at home. Others have returned from abroad where their schooling was in English and wish to maintain their fluency.

Our School is a non-profit Association and was established in 2003. It is run by a team of administrators and fully trained English-language mother tongue teachers.

Partnership with Collège du Sacré Coeur

Our School has enjoyed a strong partnership with the Collège du Sacré-Coeur since 2012. Throughout their nursery and primary years at Our School, our pupils are being prepared to an excellent standard for the challenges of continuing in an international section. They are given priority to join the International Section at Collège du Sacré Coeur, subject to passing the entrance test.

Our School is based in Collège du Sacré Coeur in the Saint Louis area of Versailles where we share excellent teaching facilities and a lovely playground for break time.


The classes are small to enable the children to develop their speaking, reading and writing abilities in English, in line with the requirements of bilingual teaching.


The teachers are all native English speakers. They are qualified with professional experience and are highly dedicated to creating a fun, friendly, but also hardworking environment at Our School.

Educational program

Our School provides a program directly based on equivalent British standards and the level is high. Oral skills are developed in the early years, with children learning to read in nursery classes. The work in primary classes emphasises grammar, spelling, comprehension and creative writing, preparing for international classes at secondary school.

Our children also enjoy fun cultural events throughout the year such as World Book Day, Sports Day, Christmas and Easter Parties, Thanksgiving, St Patrick’s etc. as well as shows and themed camps during the holidays.