Our School

Have you ever wondered what happens behind Our School’s door? A lot is the answer! Last year, we celebrated fifteen years of Our School so how did it all start?

Back in 2003, a group of mums and teachers set up a fledgling association to teach English literacy to English-speaking children in the Versailles area. Over the years, Our School grew and now has thirteen classes, seven teachers, a four-strong board, a full-time President and a fantastic teaching environment in Sacré Coeur. Conscious that bigger is not necessarily better, Our School works hard to stay true to its roots. Community is at the heart of our events and our students tend to graduate with strong friendships and an international outlook as well as an impressive English vocabulary!

The summer term offered opportunities to celebrate our pupils’ achievements at the wonderful Transport show by the Maternelle children and moving CM2 graduation ceremonies. We could not be prouder of our classes of 2019! Sports Day in June was a further highlight with children and parents having a great time competing in their races. Many students enjoyed their year at Our School so much, they came back for more in the holidays, spending a fun week at Summer Camp learning about the amazing world of creepy crawlies!

Thank you to our teachers for their dedication, our children for their smiles and hard work and our families for their ongoing support. Here’s to the next fifteen years at Our School!

Louise Pullen, Our School Board